Red River Valley

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1:From this vGalley they say you are gCoing
I shall mGiss your bright eyes and sweet smDile
for they sGay you take with you the sCunshine
that has brGightened my pDathway a whGile.
R:Come and sGit by my side if you lCove me
do not hGasten to bid me adDieu
out remGember the Red River VCalley
and the cGowboy who lDoved you so trGue.
2:It's a long time now I've been waiting
for those words that you never will say
and it's now that my fond heart is breaking
for they say you are going away.
3:When you go to your home o'er the ocean
may you never forget the sweet hours
that we spent in the Red River Valley
and the love we exchanged midst its bowers.
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